Asset Management

Treasure Coast IT Solutions offers clients complete IT Asset Management services.  We understand that tracking your hardware and software can be difficult and time-consuming, however doing so can improve your organizational efficiency, allow you to respond to changing IT needs quickly, and meet software licensing requirements.

Taking control of your IT assets enables you to proactively plan and effectively manage the costs associated with your hardware and software along with the services they support. With visibility and control of your assets throughout the entire life cycle from purchase to disposal you’ll not only optimize asset use, drive down asset costs, but also guarantee you get the full value from your investment in technology.

Our IT Asset Management service lets you put in place the processes and controls you need to ensure compliance with corporate, contractual, and regulatory requirements. By augmenting systems and tools already in place with standardized, formalized, and automated capabilities we allow you to better understand, manage, control, monitor, and optimize your IT operations and costs with greater accuracy and completeness. Our services also help to ensure you’ll avoid costly fines and penalties, expensive litigation, and other damage to your company’s balance sheet and reputation incurred for not meeting contractual or regulatory requirements.

By combining details about exactly what software is in use with the software license and contract information you maintain you’ll avoid costly non-compliance fines and prevent overspending on licenses, maintenance, and support. By putting important processes and controls in place and ensuring accurate and complete historical tracking of information about your IT infrastructure and operations, our IT Asset Management service supports your organizations’ efforts to fully comply with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

Knowing who is using the assets in your organization, what they are entitled to, and whether or not asset allocation and usage conform to policy is core to IT security. Treasure Coast IT Solutions IT Asset Management service structures and automates processes for IT asset requests, approval, purchasing, receiving, distribution, and maintenance to ensure consistency, accuracy, and control. By allowing you to establish baselines and perform regular audits of hardware and software deployment, our IT Asset Management service lets you quickly identify and reconcile deviations. It delivers the visibility and control you need to avert costly and damaging breaches to your IT infrastructure.

Our Asset Management service helps our clients achieve value through:

  • Optimize your use of existing assets
  • Avoid costly license non-compliance fines
  • Eradicate unnecessary maintenance and support costs
  • Increase accountability with billing and chargeback
  • Take full advantage of warranty coverage
  • Eliminate lease penalties
  • Increase service desk and technical support productivity
  • Ensure consistency and quality in IT management activities
  • Boosting emergency preparedness and recovery
  • Aid in budgeting and planning for IT equipment
  • Identifying the life cycle of your IT equipment
  • Providing decision-makers the knowledge of their full IT inventory

Asset Disposal

As part of our complete Asset Management service we also offer full Asset Disposal services.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old or obsolete IT equipment?

Did you know that just formatting hard drives on computers, laptops, or servers may still leave your data recoverable?

Did you also know that many copiers, printers, and all-in-one devices have built-in storage which may have copies of your documents stored in them?

Our Asset Disposal service offers you the answer.  Not only do we haul it away we also provide environmentally friendly recycling for damaged or obsolete equipment.  If the equipment is still functional and useful we work with many local 501c3 organizations for whom we will donate and refresh the equipment.  And because we understand you don’t want your data out there, so we also provide secure data destruction for storage devices included with your equipment.